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An experienced REALTOR® is a huge asset when buying or selling property.

At Seller Direct®, our licensed REALTORS® average over 20 years of experience. In fact, most of our Agents left big name companies to join Seller Direct®. And guess what, they brought all their knowledge and experience with them.  At Seller Direct® you get the best of both worlds… experienced real estate agents plus an effective, custom-fit approach to buying and selling real estate.

There is a better way to buy and sell property.

For the past 30 years, we’ve watched the way people find and evaluate homes change (just like everything else in our digital world).

So, why have so many real estate companies maintained their same practices, policies, and fee structures for decades?

At Seller Direct®, we’ve evolved with the times. We’re embracing the innovative tools and updated practices of our clients. And, we've adjusted our approach and pricing to reflect our commitment to making the home selling process as efficient, effective, and fair as possible.

Contact us to see how a customized approach to selling your home can save you time, money, and frustration.

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