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Frequently Asked Questions

A: Not at all. We recognize the need for expert support throughout your sale - the difference is our service and support better suits today's savvy buyers and sellers.

A: We are a full-service real estate brokerage that listens to our clients. We provide options that allow us to tailor our approach, resulting in a more personalized, first-class real estate experience.

A: Our direct approach to home sales cuts anything from traditional real estate that no longer serves 21st-century buyers and sellers.

How did we create this new approach? We took direction straight from our clients.

A: No. We've been serving Alberta for 30 years, but we are always evolving to stay relevant.

A: When a buyer purchases a property from us we will rebate a portion of our earned commission back to the buyer.

A: Buyers are able to ask questions directly of an informed seller.

Buyers can get more convenient access to listings through seller showings.

Sellers do not need to work showings around their Agents's schedule.

A licensed REALTOR® writes all the contracts and takes care of all details of the sale.

Sellers pay reduced commission (up to 50%) as reward for their efforts.

A: At Seller Direct® we give our Agents an opportunity to be more flexible with their rates and creative with their advertising - making it easier to attract leads and sell homes.

A: We've made things so easy, so efficient and such an incredible fit for today's home buyers and sellers, we had to reduce our fees. The result is a better fit for those who value efficient, effective service, for less.

A: Sellers appreciate a flexible approach to selling a home that considers their needs for convenience, flexibility, and the opportunity to influence the sale (while getting compensated for their efforts). 

A: As a result of seller-hosted showings, buyers get increased access to view Seller Direct® listings. With this added convenience, they can also get direct information about the home and neighbourhood, from the people who know it best, making for more effective showings.

Also, when a buyer purchases a property from us, they may qualify to recieve a portion of our earned commission.

A: We provide our Agents with the support they need without forcing them to sell the same way as everybody else.

Flexible fees and services allow Agents to brand themselves for niche appeal, or at the very least, to never disqualify themselves as an option. 

A: First, we eliminated outdated practices that no longer provide value to today’s buyers and sellers.

Next, we optimized valued services to be innovative and flexible.

And finally, we adjusted our fees to better reflect a new, efficient, fair-fee model.

A: We maintain excellent relationships with all brokerages and REALTORS®; Simply put: we're all in this together.

We cooperate with all REALTORS® and real estate companies and they cooperate with us. They show and sell our listings equal to any other brokerage.

A: We are a full-service real estate brokerage that offers flexible, efficient and tech-savvy support to those buyers and sellers seeking a better fit for their unique situation or personal tastes.

A: Absolutely not. Our rates are lowered as a result of custom-fitting our services to better meet your needs; nothing more or less.

Q: Why should I trust Seller Direct® as an agency?

A: Many reasons:

  • 30+ Years Experience
  • 10,000+ homeowners assisted
  • Highly qualified and trained Agents (over 20 years average experience)
  • Alberta born and raised
  • Over 98% customer satisfaction
  • A+ Rating with the BBB
  • Proven approach to support & sales

A: No catch. We’ve evolved to remain an ideal fit for sellers, buyers and Agents. To find out how we can customize our offering to better suit your needs, give us a call. 

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